Be Sure Your Home Insurance Provides Adequate Coverage

A recent study concluded that 69 percent of home owners are under-insured. Unfortunately, many home owners think they are fully protected and are stunned to find out at the time of a loss that their coverage is inadequate.


Getting the right homeowners insurance coverage for your home and belongings depends on many things, from crime rates, storm risk and wildfire hazards in your area to the specific personal property coverage and deductibles that make the most sense for your household.  Make sure you talk to an independent agent before you buy insurance.


We offer coverage for your home, condominium or rental.

Homeowners Insurance

Crime, accidents and severe weather are part of life, and every home experiences loss or damage of some kind, at some point. You can’t predict when you will experience a loss, but Oregon Mutual can help you protect yourself financially.  Start by getting a free Oregon Mutual home insurance quote from an independent insurance agent.


Our superior coverage and outstanding service will make you very glad your agent recommended Oregon Mutual.